What is the I‑215 Central Widening Project?

This project widened a 12.5-mile section of I‑215 from Scott Road in Menifee to Nuevo Road in Perris. One lane and a shoulder was added in each direction in the unused portion of the center median, creating three general purpose freeway lanes in each direction. In some portions of the project, the median was 46 feet and accommodated the planned widening. In other portions, the median was only 22 feet wide and was not adequate to accommodate the planned widening. In the areas where the median was only 22 feet wide, outside widening was required. Using the median to the greatest extent possible will reduce the impacts to homes and businesses located adjacent to the freeway.

    • Cutaway - Central

Improvements to a number of structures were part of this project, including:

  • Widening of the Salt Creek Bridge
  • Widening of the Romoland Flood Control Channel
  • Widening of the Ethanac Road Railroad Overhead Bridge
  • Widening of the San Jacinto Bridge
  • Replacement of the Perris Boulevard Overcrossing
  • Replacement of the northbound D Street On-ramp/Overcrossing

In addition, plans called for the two existing freeway lanes in each direction to be resurfaced, creating a smoother ride for motorists.

Noise studies were performed to analyze the impacts of the project to area residents. Sound walls were built along the west side of the freeway between McCall Boulevard and south of McLaughlin Road.

The preliminary engineering and environmental document phase of this project involved a series of studies and public meetings to determine how the project goals could be met while minimizing the impacts on the surrounding area. Project approvals were received in 2011, and final design was completed in 2012. Construction began early February 2013 and was completed in October 2015. 

The total project cost is estimated to be $102 million, of which $77 million is allocated to construction. Funding is provided by a combination of state sources and Measure A, Riverside County's ½ cent sales tax for transportation investments. The project is anticipated to create 1,836 jobs.